12.28 Breathing

Now that we are getting some snow finally it’s time to start getting out for some ski tours. If you don’t ski tour no big deal. This can be done on a machine. This can be done running. This can be done hiking.

Since COVID is starting to rage through our town mental health is crucial. I had some PTSD from 2020 when we had to start wearing masks again. It’s not ideal. I’m bummed out but hoping this one is quick.

We thought about closing the gym a few more days during the Holidays to let things chill out. So many gym members are sick and the town has close to a 50% positivity rate. This is quite disheartening, but I was reminded how important it is to move, breathe, and receive some endorphins from exercise. Getting outside provides a totally different effect. All day I was anxious until I began to move!

Many gym members came in yesterday, many health care workers, and they stressed how thankful they were for us staying open. It is keeping so many people sane. We are humbled to be a place that provides that type of therapy.


6:00 Fast/2:00 slow X 7 Rounds

I am trying to build a new program for some athletes getting ready for big ski tour in Norway and you can join along!

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