Challenge- May


4000 meter Bike

2:00 rest


max step ups with 75% of bodyweight between 2 dumbbells.  The game is over when you can’t hold on to the dumbbells anymore.  Grip strength ended up becoming the game-ender.

Take the time from the 4000 meter bike and for every step up subtract :10 off your time.

If you go out too hard, then you won’t have anything left, even with the 2:00 rest.  If you don’t go out hard enough you better be ready to crush the step ups.

One of the best times was laid down by Kurt with a 6:51 bike and 29 step ups = 2:11 “Have you seen that guy’s legs”- Dan Reynolds

Hannah didn’t surprise us at all with a 7:38 bike and 30 step-ups = 2:38

Average times were around 7:30-8:30 on the bike and 15-20 step-ups

This was one of the first challenges.  People didn’t know what to expect, so the participation was high.  Let’s just say volunteering for challenges after this was reduced drastically!

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