7.22 Get The GOAT

This is a fun format. In the gym setting I was able to play a little game, but you will know the secret.

Start with a good solid warmup, when ready take a break then give a hard and close to max effort on a machine for 2:00 trying to get as many calories as possible. I did not tell the people in the gym what would come next, but I told them that this effort “would heavily impact the rest of the workout.” I did not tell them how it would impact the workout. We did this partner style combining the total calories from two people or if you are solo you will use your calories and do this below:

Max Rounds in 45 Min

  1. Calorie Ski
  2. Thrusters
  3. Calorie Bike
  4. Burpee Box Jumps
  5. Calorie Row
  6. Single Arm DB Snatch

If you got 30 calories and your partner got 31, you will do 61 calories as a team on the ski, 61 Thrusters and so on…

You will share the effort and break up the reps and cals however you want. If you are solo and you did 30 calories you will use that as your reps and cals and keep moving for 45 min.

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