4.8 Get The GOAT

Sometimes you write a workout and ask, “Is this too hard?” Sometimes it is just fun too make a hard and long workout, so here it is:

60 min Time Cap

Partners (Solo–you just half everything. Half the calories and half the reps). With partners only one can work at a time.

400 Weighted Step Ups

200 Calorie Ski Erg

100 DB Thrusters (men-25-35# db’s. women–15-25# db’s)

200 Calorie Row

50 Plate Pushes or 50 Sleds or 50 Weighted lunges

200 Calorie Bike erg

Only a few teams were able to finish in the 60 minutes. Fastest time was 55 min. We are trying to up some volume for the off-season. Lots and lots of legs with this one. This one will leave you pretty sore, so be prepared. We haven’t been doing this much volume so it will leave a mark.

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