4.18 Strength


Squat and Bench press

5@8 then break up 20 more reps. This is the last of this program and we will be moving to 8’s…yes 8 reps.


Max reps to rpe-9 then 1/2 those reps for every minute on the minute for 5 more minutes. Knowing the right effort for the activation set is key. Stop if you know the next rep quality is going to drop.

Accessory Work:

12 min EMOM

minute 1–15 push press

minute 2– 10 meter weighted bear crawl with same weight

Repeat for 6 rounds until you get to 12 minutes


10 goblet squats to 250 meter ski erg into 1:00 rest x 5 rounds

We had a discussion with our coaches and discovered that referring to some of the movements as “small stuff” might diminish their importance. For a lot of people the small stuff could be the most important thing that they do in the gym. there are some days that it’s hard enough just even showing up to the gym and I want you to do the things that you “like”. Other days when you are very motivated go ahead and work on that stuff that you “need” to work on but usually neglect.
3 rounds of this ”stuff”

10-15 curls

reverse nordics to rpe-9

10-15 tricep ext

back extensions to rpe-9

10-15 lateral raises

banded hip flexor march

ABS: 4 rounds

20 weighted situps

1:00 plank

Team Feet (last week of this too) 3 rounds

:20 single leg hop right

:10 rest

:20 sl hop left

:10 rest

:20 sl side hop right

:10 rest

:20 sl side hop left

:10 rest

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