4.15 Get The GOAT

Get The GOAT

Partners (solo version is 700 meters on ski and row and 1400 meters on bike erg).

5MOM (every 5 minute on the minute. Start a clock running to 5 minutes. The machine work will take you close to 3 to 3:30 to accomplish the meters given. Whatever is left over in the 5 Minutes, try to get as many reps as possible with the exercise. At the 5 minutes start the meters over again for 3 total rounds.)

800 meter Ski Erg

Remaining Time in the 5 minute Max Wall Balls

3 Rounds (total 15 minutes)



1600 Meter Bike Erg (total 15 minutes)

Remaining time in 5 minutes max Weighted Burpees

3 Rounds



800 Meter Row

Remaining time max plate pushes

3 rounds (total 15 min)

Take the total amount of reps from Wall Balls, Burpee Box jumps and Plate Pushes.

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