3.4 Get The GOAT

Teams of 2-3 or Solo Version below

50 Min Max Calories

Team Buy in: (buy in can be done at the same time as other teammates. Once completed you can start any machine and try to get as many calories left in the 50 min. The Buy In was taking people anywhere from 36 min-45 min. Some did not even finish)

200 Cal Ski

50 KB Complex (walkout, pushup, walk back, clean squat to press)

200 Cal Bike

50 Burpee Pull-ups or Burpee Box Jumps

200 Cal Row

50 Sleds (20 meter sleds with 90# for females and 135# for males)

Remaining Time Max calories on One Machine

Solo Version: Max Rounds in 50 min

50 Cal Ski

10 KB Complex

50 Cal Bike

10 Burpee Box Jumps

50 Cal Row

50 Step Ups

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