3.18 Get The GOAT

Here we go!!!

Teams of 4

45 Min Max calories (Solo Version Below)

Buy in (the team of 4 will break up until done with buy in and become two teams of 2. Each partnership will pick one of these stations):

Option 1: 10 calorie ski females/12 calorie ski males into 10 to 1 burpee box jumps. “I Go, You go”.

Looks like this–partner 1 does 10 calories on ski and 10 burpee box jumps. partner 2 starts the ski when partner 1 is done and does 10 calories and 10 burpee box jumps, then partner 1 will start and do 10 calorie ski and 9 burpee box jumps until they both complete 10 calories and 1 burpee box jumps.

Option 2: 10 Calorie/12 calorie bike into 10 to 1 burpee pull-ups

Option 3: 10/12 calorie row into 10 to 1 weighted burpees

Remaining time (which will take 20-25 min to complete): Max calories with the whole team working on one machine of your choice. Best team of 4 had 744 calories.

SOLO Version: (Pick 2 of these)

Part 1: 10/12 Calorie ski into 10-1 Burpee Box Jumps

Part 2: 10/12 Calorie bike into 10-1 Burpee Pullups

Part 3: 10/12 Calorie Row into 10-1 Weighted Burpees

Looks like this:

female does 10 calorie ski/males do 12 calories then do 10 burpee box jumps, female will go back to ski and do 10 calories but this round will do 9 burpee box jumps, repeat until all the way down to 1. The machine stays the same and the exercises are descending ladder

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