2.4 GET The GOAT

Get The GOAT

Partners “I go, you go” or SOLO (many people have chosen solo still cause they are still recovering from COVID and need to go at a certain pace)


15 Min Max rounds

250 meter ski

5 weighted Burpees


15 min Max Rounds

500 Meter Bike

5 Burpee Box Jumps


15 min Max max rounds

250 Meter Row

2 plate Pushes (or 5 step ups each side)

(Partner one must finish machine and exercise before partner 2 can start. After each round add one rep to exercise but machine stays the same)

Solo version: (Do not add reps each round, find a pace that is manageable)

15 min

250 meter ski—- 5 weighted Burpees— 1:00 rest


15 min

500 meter Bike—5 burpee Box jumps– 1:00 rest


15 min

250 meter Row—2 plate pushes or 5 step ups each side—1:00 rest

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