2.25 Get The GOAT

There is not much difference between the solo or team effort.

45 min Max Calories

Ski, Bike and Row

You will switch from each machine every two minutes.

2 min Ski

2 Min Bike

2 Min Row

2 Min Rest

Here are the twists to the workout! You will always have a 2 min effort on the Ski Erg, at the 2 min mark you will move to the bike…but you must complete 10 DB Snatches (5 each side) before you get on the bike, so this will bleed into your bike time. Whatever time is left in the 2 min you will bike. When the next two minutes is up you will move to the Rower, but you must complete 10 Wall Balls before the rowing effort. After the rower, you will have a 2 min rest. It is 6min of work with 2:00 rest.

Now, another twist…each round you will increase 2 reps on the DB Snatches and 2 reps on the Wall balls. You will get to 20 DB Snatches (10 each side) and 20 Walls Balls when it is all over.


If you have only one machine and you are solo do it like this:

6 min Machine/ 2 Min Rest X 7

Stop at 2 min do 10 DB Snatches

Stop at 4 min do 10 Wall Balls

Each round increase reps. Looks like this:


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