2.23 Strength


Part 1: 3 Rounds

8 Deadlifts into 8 Pushups (Both at RPE-8. Rest 1-2 Min between rounds. If pushups are easy for you and you need to create more stress to reach an RPE-8 then you can do tempo pushups, elevated feet pushups or put weight on your your back.)

Part 2: 3 Rounds

8 Press into 8 Bench Row each side (Both to RPE-8)

Accessory Work:

Part 1: 4 Rounds

2 Sleds into 5 Box Jumps (rest 1-2 minutes between rounds)

Part 2: Ski Erg Technique

2:00 at 28 Strokes Per Minute

2:00 at 30 SPM

2:00 at 32 SPM

2:00 at 34 SPM

(The strokes per minute are seen in the top right corner of the screen. Just like the rower, you will want to create power at the beginning of the pull and then follow through. Creating power at the beginning with your lats like the beginning of a pull-up. Keeping the hands close to the body. Hoping to upload a video to learn better technique)

Small Stuff: 3 rounds to RPE-9

  1. Copenhagens
  2. Glute Bridge
  3. Reverse Hypers
  4. Monster Walks

TEAM ABS: 8 Rounds

:30 Each

  1. Situps
  2. Plank Jacks (if you cannot maintain Plank jacks for all 8 rounds then go into plank)


“If you added up all the time wasted searching for shortcuts and trying to cheat the process, the hard work could have already been done by now.” – James Clear

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