2.18 Get The GOAT

Get The GOAT—The Battle

This is a fun format! The main format will only work if you have 4 or more people. The Solo Version is below

Part 1: 20 Min Max Calorie Ski

Two teams of two will be battling against each other. Team 1 will start on the ski erg setting up their computer for 20 min. Team 2 will have their own ski erg and set up for 20 min. Team 2 will do 20 Wall Balls and when they are done they will bump Team 1 off the ski erg and they will do 20 Wall Balls. This will continue until both teams have completed 20 min. The idea is that you need to complete the wall balls as fast as possible so you can get back on the ski erg to get more calories. You have to complete 20 Wall Balls. Most teams did 10 and 10 to split up the Wall Balls to total 20 each time.

Part 2: 20 min Max Calorie Bike Erg

Same format but this time Team 2 will start on the machine first and Team 1 will do 20 Burpee Box Jumps. Most teams broke it up 5,5,5,5 totaling 20. My team did not do that. We did 10 and 10 and it was a bad idea.

Now there are consequences to losing! If you beat a team by 20 total calories from both Ski and Bike then the losing team must do something hard. We made losing teams do Plate Pushes.

Top Teams:

Coed- 462 Calories. Most teams were coed all day cause it was a good format for a mix of strengths.

Male- 524 Calories

Solo Version:

20 Min Max Calorie ski

Stop every 4 min and do 20 Wall Balls


20 Min Max Calorie Bike

Stop every 4 min and do 20 Burpee Box Jumps

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