2.14 Strength


Part 1: 3 rounds

8 Split Squats each side into 8 DB Push Press (both to RPE-8)

Part 2: 3 Rounds

8 Bench Press into 8 Plank Row each side (both to RPE-8)

Part 3: 3 Rounds

8 Pullups into 8 Goblet Squats (both to RPE-8)

Accessory Work

Part 1: 4 rounds

250 meter Ski Erg

2:00 “Rest”

“rest”= 15 KB Swings

Part 2: Small Stuff X 3 rounds all to RPE-9

  1. Back Extensions
  2. Calf Raises
  3. Banded Hip Flexor March
  4. Reverse Nordics

(We will be programming “small stuff” into both Strength workouts, but only have 4 movements each day. These movements are so important and this will give you two separate days to accomplish this stuff. We call them “Injury Risk Reduction” movements that help with those potential nagging injuries. Does it mean that if you do these you won’t get injured? No, but the magnitude and occurrence of injuries could be reduced. We do not claim that movements can fix you. Pain and injuries are too nuanced to make these claims and I would steer clear of anyone making these type of claims.)

ABS: 4 Rounds

20 Weighted Situps

20 Russian Twists

Team “Back”: 4 Rounds

:20 Bent Row

:10 Rest

:20 Reverse Flys

:10 Rest

(Do not put too much emphasis on the time. This is quite hard and I saw weights from 5# DB’s all the way to 30# DB’s. This will encompass the whole back, even the lower back (erector) muscles. Do not go to failure and don’t go all the way to the time on the clock just to make it while sacrificing technique. If you get too fatigued then stop.)

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