1.7 Get The GOAT

Things have changed again…it’s hard to swallow, but we have to wear masks again. If you are at home then good for you. If you are in a gym setting wearing a mask you have weighed your risks and rewards. For many, connecting with others, lifting weights, staying healthy and keeping fit has more benefits than the pain of wearing a mask.

This too shall pass. Most likely it will effect all of us, but not be too impactful to our overall health. I wish public health professionals and politicians would spend as much time talking about health and staying fit as much as medical preventions.

This is a great working to put in your back pocket for a rainy day. It’s also a great workout to create some intensity but keep clients separate and spread out.

1:00 Ski/2:00 “rest” X 5 rounds

“rest”= 10 Gob Squats

goals: men–250 meters, women- 225 meters


1:00 Bike/ 2:00 “rest” X 5 rounds

“rest”= 10 Thrusters

goals: men–550 meters, women– 500 meters


1:00 Row/ 2:00 “rest” X 5 rounds

“rest”= 10 burpees

goals: men–270 meters, women– 240 meters

In the “rest” time you have something to accomplish. “rest” is just rest from the machine. However fast you move through the movements the left over time will be your actual rest.

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