1.3 Strength


New Programming!

Squat and Bench Press

3 at RPE-8, then reduce your weight by 5% and then complete 2 more sets of 3 reps with new weight.

This style of programming asks you to find one challenging hard set, that is the RPE-8. By reducing the weight, the velocity of the lift should be fast. Not every lift should be hard!

With warmups it could look like this:

Set 1- the bar X 5-10 reps

Set 2- 95#’s X 5

Set 3- 135 # X 3

Set 4- 175# X 3

Set 5- 200# X 3 at RPE-8, this was the activation set. Now take 5% off the bar and do 2 more sets

Set 6- 190# X 3

Set 7- 190# X 3

Accessory Work:

Part 1: 3 rounds

2 Sleds (remember, you can always sub a heavy resistance bike sprint for :30 instead of Sleds)

5 Tempo Gob Squats (5 seconds slow down for 5 reps at RPE-8)

Part 2: 3 rounds

10-15 Push Press

10-15 Lat Raises

10-15 Rev Flys

Part 3: 3 rounds

10 Split Squats (5 each side)

10 Single Leg Deads (5 each side)

Part 4: 3 rounds

20 Wipers

20 Weighted Situps

20 Side Plank Pulls (10 each side)

Team Arms: 8 Rounds

:20 Curl to Press

:10 Rest

Side Note: These workouts are not designed to complete in an hour. You can pick and choose what you need to work on. Don’t always do the things you are good at or things you like unless you are low on motivation. I’d rather you do something than nothing!

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