1.14 Get The GOAT


With the impact of COVID in the Valley, we are back to masks. We are staying away from team efforts the next two weeks to reduce exposure in the gym setting. Also, masks are not easy when the efforts are more intense.

This workout allows people to go to the effort that is appropriate for them, no pressure to maintain an effort for a team. I got sick this week, started having symptoms on Friday and the 12 Hour Challenge probably depleted my body. We have had to modify class schedule and programming. Please take care and hopefully we will all be on the other side of this soon!

1:00 Work/ 2:00 “rest”

1:00 Ski/ 2:00 “rest” X 5 rounds

“rest”= 10 Gob Squats

1:00 Bike/ 2:00 “rest” X 5 rounds

“rest” – 10 Thrusters

1:00 Row/ 2:00 “rest” X 5 rounds

“rest”= 10 Burpees

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