The Process

The Research shows that pain and injuries almost always get better with Time and Movement. Time allows the body to heal. Movement allows the body to stay strong. Movements, PT exercises, and therapy don’t heal…according to the research. Time seems to be the overwhelming factor to reducing pain and healing. So why do the exercises?

If you get weaker that is not a good option. Stopping movement is not a good option. Staying strong makes you more resilient. It reminds you that you are capable. If you start to return to activity but now you are weaker cause you stopped moving, then your body will be more susceptible to re-injury.

Why do I bring this up? If you see a practitioner that tells you there is one special movement that will “heal you” or “fix you”, then run the other way. Say you do that “one” movement and it doesn’t work it can have quite a negative effect psychologically. You have to be patient and know that time will heal, but stay moving and stay strong. Find the movements that you can do without creating more issues. Being a little uncomfortable is ok, it’s part of the process.

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