The Process

“Motivation should wane. If you expect to be motivated all the time, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Ride the wave of motivation. Don’t fret if it’s not there. It’ll come back!”

-Steve Magness

I wish our progress, passion and motivation would continue in an upward path. The first 4-6 weeks, even 6 months for some, you are feeling stronger, fitter, and the results from the gym are seen. Sadly, that will not always be the case. Some days you will have set backs. Some days you will wake up and feel “tweaky”. Some days you will press snooze a couple extra times. Some days you might not be able to lift the same weight as last week. The honeymoon is over…

This is not about short term gains, a quick fix or some fleeting diet/workout program. This is a journey, a process and we all need to be patient. Setting records can be fun. Sometimes playing the long game is not as sexy and fun, but it keeps you in the game!

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