The Process

Steve Magness, author of The Science of Running and a world renown running coach, was discussing his methods for training endurance athletes. In the interview with Rich Roll, he stated that he wants his athletes to train at an easy pace 90% of the time. He describes this as conversational pace. If you can’t hold a conversation you are going too fast. Then, he has them do really hard work 5% of the time. The last 5% of the time he wants them “to see God.” He describes this as a moment when you put yourself in such a massive hole, that you don’t imagine you could ever get out of it. At this point you will start to mentally work on getting yourself out of this hole. This is less of a physiological effort, more of a mental effort. In racing, you should not get yourself into this much of a “pickle” but sometimes you get wrapped up in the moment of racing and it happens, so what are you going to do…

Most people go too hard too often and don’t know how to go easy. Some are in the middle ground working moderately hard every time they go out, so they are continually going at 80% of effort at all times. Some are afraid to do anything hard and everything is easy. They are afraid to go “that place”. Where are you?

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