Starter Program: Day 2

Day 2

I usually try to focus on base cardiovascular work on this day.  It is a great recovery from Day 1 and it is a way to build our aerobic system.  This can be outside running, hiking, biking or on some indoor cardiovascular machine.  If you are not incredibly efficient with running it is hard to control the heart rate.  If you go at a slower pace your running technique might decline, and you might start to heel strike too much.   For most people running might not be a good option, so go for a walk or hike.  

Maintain your heart rate at a level that you can still have a conversation.  I look at my heart rate and try to hold it from 120-130.  Another option is to close your mouth and nasal breath.  This will slow you down for sure!  Building this cardiovascular system will help with overall health, heart health and recovery in workouts.

Start with 45min- 1 hour easy base cardio.  During the cold Winter months I sit on the bike trainer and watch a movie or listen to a podcast.

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