5.9 Strength


We are moving into a new approach to 8 reps. The idea is that we have one harder set and then 3 easier sets. There are different ways that we can accomplish this. Sometimes we take a percent off the goal effort. Sometimes you will be asked to break up the reps however you want. For this program we are reducing the reps after the activation set. Give it a go!

Squat and Bench Press

8 at RPE-8, then complete 3 more sets of 6 reps with the same weight.


Same as above. 8 at RPE-8, then 3 more sets of 6 reps

Accessory Work

Part 1: 2 Sled Pulls into 500 meter Bike into 5 Box Jumps X 5 sets

(you can sub 20 weighted step ups for sleds. Also, this is a circuit style…finding something that is sustainable and not resting in between sets. You might have to decrease the sled weight and manage your bike effort to keep moving.)

Part 2: 10 Push Press into 10 Plank row 5 each side X 4 sets (ideally use the same dumbbells for each movement going to RPE-8)

Special Sauce: 3 rounds to RPE-9

  1. Back Extensions
  2. 10-15 Curls
  3. Banded Hip Flexor March
  4. 10-15 Tricep Extensions
  5. Reverse Nordics
  6. 10-15 Lateral Raises

ABS: 3 rounds

  1. 10 Weighted Situps
  2. 10 Wheels
  3. 20 Russian Twists
  4. 1:00 Plank

Team Feet: 3 rounds (we will alternate Team arms and Team Feet each week for the next month.)

:20 Single Leg Hop

:10 Rest

:20 SL Hop other foot

:10 Rest

:20 Single leg side hop

:10 Rest

:20 Single Leg side Hop other side

(For some the single leg hopping is too stressful, so if this is you go ahead and do it with both feet.)

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