2.21 Strength


Part 1: 3 rounds

8 Split Squats into 8 DB Push Press (both to RPE-8. Rest 1-2 minutes between each round. Also, make sure you do 3-4 warmups to make sure you have the correct weight for an RPE-8)

Part 2: 3 Rounds

8 Bench Press into 8 Plank Row Each side (Both to RPE-8)

Part 3: 3 Rounds

8 Pullups into 8 Goblet Squats (both to RPE-8)

Accessory Work

Part 1: 4 Rounds

250 Meter Row

2:00 “Rest” (in the 2:00 “rest” complete 10-15 Pushups. This should not be crushing. We are trying to use the technique we learned the last two weeks and apply it to a slightly harder effort and with the stroke rate a little higher. Maybe keep your stroke rate around 26-30. Go to 75-80% of max effort. Making sure that it is an effort you can reproduce.)

Part 2: 3 Rounds


20 V-ups

10 Wheels

40 Side Crunch (20 each side)

Small Stuff: 3 Rounds all to RPE-9

  1. Back Extensions
  2. Calf Raises
  3. Banded Hip Flexor March
  4. Reverse Nordics

Team Back: 4 Rounds

:20 Bent Row

:10 Rest

:20 Reverse Flys

:10 Rest

(I was getting only 12 Bent rows and 6-7 Reverse Flys and then I just stopped for the remainder time in :20 cause I was losing form. Don’t sacrifice movement just to get to :20)

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