1.8 Challenge

Some friends in Salt Lake City, UT invited us to participate in a nation wide challenge. It persisted of 10 calorie-20 cal- 30 cal-40 cal-50 cal…ski, bike and row for 12 hours. Yep, that 12 hours! It is done with 3 teammates, but can be done solo for 4 hours. We did 28 rounds plus 191 calories in 12 hours. Trying to pace yourself for 12 hours is a challenge. Nutrition, pacing, hydration and the mental capacity for the long haul is crucial.

For fun try one round by yourself:

10 cal ski-10 cal bike-10 cal row


20 cal of each


30 cal of each

then building up to 50 calories of each machine

This might take you anywhere from 25 min- 40 min.

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