1.28 Get The GOAT

Get The GOAT

We will start ramping up the efforts again soon, but we are still giving folks some break after the Holidays and COVID. That doesn’t mean that this is completely easy, but it allows people to go at their own pace. You can make this as hard or as easy as you want. We decided to approach last week’s GET The GOAT in the opposite direction. It allowed people some encouragement as the moved through the series of calories.

Last week was a little dejecting as the colories increased, but this week you can increase pace as you continue.

50 Calorie Machine

5 KB Complex

50 Cal Machine

5 Plate Push (or sled or 50 step ups)

50 Cal Machine

5 Burpee pull-ups (or 50 plank Rows)


(Each round reduce 10 cals and 1 rep)

40 cals and 4 reps, 30 cals and 3 reps, 20 calories and 2 reps, 10 calories and 1 rep

(We had times anywhere from 39 minutes to 1 hour)

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